2020-2021 Bargaining Update #1


  • Both LTA and District sunshined articles to be negotiated at the Tuesday, March 10 School Board meeting.

Articles Sunshined (Opened) by LTA

ARTICLE 6:  COMPENSATION & BENEFITS – Bargaining unit member compensation shall be permanently increased to attract and retain education professionals who can foster the success of students and are invested in the Lennox community, and the district’s contribution to employee health benefits shall be increased to ensure that employees and their families are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

ARTICLE 7:  WORK YEAR AND HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT – Teacher calendar year and workday, and non-teaching responsibilities during and outside the workday, shall be adjusted to allow teachers to focus on their primary responsibilities of instruction and planning and preparing for that instruction.

ARTICLE 9:  CLASS SIZE – The district shall maintain low class size averages at all schools and programs, including elementary physical education and Special Education at the middle school.

ARTICLE 18:  STUDENT DISCIPLINE – District shall establish a district-wide system of student behavioral expectations and support, and on-going training and support shall be provided for teachers and other staff who will implement this system.

Articles Sunshined (Opened) by District

ARTICLE 6:  COMPENSATION & BENEFITS – “The District seeks to align compensation with budgetary conditions.”

ARTICLE 7:  WORK YEAR AND HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT – “The District seeks to propose revisions to the teacher calendar year and work day responsibilities in order to provide the District with necessary flexibility to focus on student achievement and establish a process more responsive to school site needs.”

ARTICLE 9:  CLASS SIZE – “The District seeks to determine staffing with enrollment patterns and reasonable variations.”

download LTA Initial Sunshine

download LSD Initial Sunshine

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