2017-2018 Bargaining Update #1

The 2017-2018 negotiations cycle has begun! Your LTA Bargaining Team will again be led by veteran negotiator Lisa Rubio (Huerta) and includes Justin Catalán (TOSA), Gary Moore (LMS), Jim Nadler (LMS) and Andrew Staiano (CTA staff). The LSD team will include Hiacynth Martinez (Personnel), Kevin Franklin (Fiscal Services), Polo Marquez (Felton AP) and Steve Andelson (attorney).

Your LTA Bargaining Team sunshined the contract articles we will be opening this year at the February 28th School Board meeting, and the public hearing on our sunshine will be held on March 14th. We hope the district will sunshine the contract articles they wish to open at that time as well.

LTA Sunshine Articles:





download the full LTA Sunshine

As is the case every year, one of the Bargaining Team’s top priorities will be to secure a fair and reasonable increase in our salaries. They will analyze the district’s budget with the help of CTA staff, and will strive for as much of a raise as possible. That being said, in the interest of managing expectations, please be aware that the increases in the district’s budget we’ve seen over the last few years – which have allowed us to achieve raises totaling 11% over the last 3 years – are slowing down. The budget isn’t shrinking (we fought too hard to pass Prop 55 to let that happen!), but it’s not growing much either. Right now the Governor is projecting a COLA (cost of living adjustment) of only 1.48%, and among other costs, the district will have to contribute an additional 2% to our STRS retirement plans next year. You can probably do the math on that and predict what the district is going to propose. We are hoping for stronger budget growth when the Governor presents the May Revise to the state budget (in May), but prepare yourself for the possibility that salary gains will be more modest this time around.

Your LTA Bargaining Team is committed to improving the learning environment for students and the working conditions for teachers in Lennox. We believe the proposals we will make this year will help meet the needs of teachers and assist the district to better meet the needs of all students. As is always the case, it is our desire to reach an agreement as soon as possible, but not at the expense of achieving important goals that will benefit our students, help our members, and be consistent with the priorities of the Lennox community.

download LTA Bargaining Update #1

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LCAP Meetings…

It’s LCAP season again!  Time to review and revise the district’s 3-year Local Control and Accountability Plan.  DSLT (the LCAP committee, including a teacher and parent from every school) has already met three times to review progress on our current LCAP goals, but we also need to get feedback from teachers, parents and the community.

Below are a number of opportunities for teachers, parents and the community to discuss:

  • implementation of the state standards
  • student achievement
  • student attendance and engagement
  • course access
  • school climate and safety
  • parent involvement

The LCAP is a public document, and there is a link to the current 2016-2019 LCAP left-hand side of the district’s home page, under “Important Links” – http://www.lennox.k12.ca.us/##


As district employees, you have 5 ways to give your input:

1) Have a discussion with your DSLT member:

  • Buford – Marichi Fragoza
  • Felton – Ana Marcelletti
  • Huerta – Francis Hernandez
  • Jefferson – David Martin
  • Moffett – Shannon Alvarado
  • LMS – Desiree Dorado

2) Take the employee LCAP survey.

3) Attend the official district employee input session.  Wednesday, March 8, 3:30 pm in the PDC at DO.

4) There will be a discussion at each school for  anyone who wants to talk about the LCAP.

  • Tues, Feb 21, 3:15 pm – Jefferson
  • Weds, Feb 22, 3:15 pm – Huerta
  • Mon, Feb 27, 3:15 pm – Felton
  • Tues, Feb 28, 3:15 pm – Buford
  • Weds, March 1, 3:15 pm – DO
  • Thurs, March 2, 3:15 pm – LMS
  • Weds, March 15, 3:15 pm – Moffett

5) Attend a School Board meeting in May/June when the LCAP is presented to the School Board and share your thoughts with the Board.


Parents and Community

As part of LTA’s commitment to parents and the community, and to make sure their voices are also heard by the district, LTA will once again hold parent focus groups at every school and will present the parent input to DSLT and the School Board.

  • Friday, Feb. 17, 10:30 AM – Felton Parent Center
  • Tuesday, Feb. 21, 11:00 AM – LMS Parent Center
  • Thursday, Feb. 23, 10:15 AM – Dolores Huerta Parent Center
  • Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 AM – Jefferson Parent Center
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 8:30 AM – Moffett Parent Center
  • Wednesday, March 1, 10:15 AM – Buford Parent Center

download the LTA Parent LCAP Flyer


Lots of opportunities for input.  The LCAP is an excellent way for teachers and other district employees, as well as parents and the community, to participate in developing and guiding the district’s vision (and budget) for the next 3 years.  We hope you’ll participate in some way.

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Lennox Board of Education Declares Lennox Schools as Safe Zones for ALL Students





WHEREAS, our community and county, just like many major cities in the United States, are the home and workplace of many immigrant communities, including persons with both documented and undocumented immigration status; and

WHEREAS, all students have the right to attend school regardless of their immigration status. The United States Supreme Court in 1982 ruled in Plyler v. Doe that public schools were prohibited from denying students access to elementary and secondary public education based on their immigration status, citing that children have little control over their immigration status, the life-long harm it would inflict on the child and society itself, and constitutional equal protection rights; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education embraces the diversity of our students and families and the rich language and cultural assets they bring to our District, and strongly supports and encourages the participation of all parents and families in our schools; and

WHEREAS, in the last few months, federal, state and local government officials throughout the country have proposed or passed laws and ordinances that propose stemming the tide of undocumented immigrants by cutting off opportunities for jobs, government benefits, housing, and imposing fines on companies employing undocumented immigrants, thereby increasing tensions in immigrant communities; and

WHEREAS, reports of potential raids by the U. S. Immigration and Customs enforcement Office (ICE) have caused immigrant communities to fear sending and/or accompanying their children to schools and leaving their homes, even for needed medical services; and

WHEREAS, ICE activities in and around schools, early education centers, and adult school facilities would be a severe disruption to the learning environment and educational setting for students.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education, in solidarity with our immigrant community organizations, in light of the increasing tensions in immigrant communities, and the possible chilling effect on the educational rights of immigrant students and families by reports about ICE raids and proposals like some of the foregoing, the Board of Education hereby restates its position that all students have the right to attend school regardless of the immigration status of the child or of the child’s family members.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education states that all District students who register for the following services and meet the federal and state criteria, are entitled to receive all school services, including free lunch, free breakfast, transportation, and educational services, even if they or their family are undocumented and do not have a social security number, and that no school district staff member shall take any steps that would deny students access to education based on their immigration status or any steps that would “chill” the Plyler rights of these students to public education.


DECEMBER 13, 2016

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Education Wins!

Both California State Proposition 55 and local Bond Measure Q have won!  Thank you California and Lennox voters for valuing education and the work we do for our public school students.

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Lennox Teachers Association Endorses Local School Bond – Measure Q

“To improve the quality of education and provide safe, modern schools for all students with funding that cannot be taken by the state; upgrade, modernize and construct classrooms, science labs and libraries; improve student access to technology; repair leaky roofs, outdated electrical and plumbing systems; and improve safety, security and access for students with disabilities, shall Lennox School District issue $25,000,000 of bonds at legal rates, including independent citizens’ oversight and NO money for administrative salaries?”

After much discussion, consultation with our membership, and research into the potential drawbacks and benefits for the Lennox community, the Representative Council of the Lennox Teachers Association has decided that, yes, it should, and is endorsing the Local School Bond, Measure Q in the upcoming November 8, 2016 election.

As in many other districts in California, maintenance and facilities in Lennox have had to compete with many other essential school functions like instruction and personnel over the past decade while school funding was reduced by the state.  Fortunately, with the return of adequate funding thanks to Prop 30 and the Local Control Funding Formula, the Lennox School District has been able to substantially invest in new and improved curriculum and professional development, but now it’s time to upgrade our facilities.  The district has already begun increasing the amount of technology available to students and staff, but now we need to improve the infrastructure to support all that technology.  We also need to fix leaky pipes and roofs that have waited for too long and impact the daily learning environment of students.  “Temporary” portables that have been used as classrooms for more than 20 years need to be replaced with permanent, state-of-the-art buildings.  It’s what our students and community deserve.  We can’t educate students for 21st century careers in 20th century schools.

So, please, join the teachers of Lennox, and vote “yes” on Local School Bond, Measure Q.

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