LTA Bylaws Update, Part 2

Last year the LTA Rep Council updated our bylaws, making some minor changes and adding language to better define and fund our Political Action Committee (the Lennox Teachers Association Fund for Quality Education).  Revisions were shared with the membership and approved by Rep Council on June 9, 2016.  Over the summer, the bylaws were sent to CTA for review, and CTA returned them with some recommendations.  We spend the fall reviewing CTA’s recommendations, making a few changes, deciding to keep other things, and re-submitted our bylaws to CTA for approval in December.  On January 7, 2017, CTA approved the second draft of our bylaws.  The next (and final) step in updating our bylaws is to return them to our membership for review, and for Rep Council to vote to approve them again.

Per Article XVI: Amendments of the LTA Bylaws, Rep Council must be notified one month in advance of any vote to change the bylaws – that notice was given by the LTA President at the March 9, 2017 Rep Council meeting last week, and the vote to approve the final amendments will take place at the April 6, 2017 Rep Council meeting.  Any amendments to the bylaws require the approval by 2/3 majority of Rep Council.

copy of the notice given to Reps of the April 6, 2017 vote to amend the LTA Bylaws

LTA members are encouraged to review the proposed amendments and give feedback to your Site Reps regarding the changes.  Members are also welcome to attend the April 6, 2017 Rep Council meeting (and all other Rep Council meetings) to share their thoughts on the changes directly with Rep Council.  Below is a brief summary of the proposed amendments:

Article VI: Rep Council

  • Adds “active member” requirement, adds “adopt local standing rules” to responsibilities, adds “recommended by EBoard” to establishing/discontinuing committees, allows electronic meetings for dissemination of information but not voting

Article VII: Site Reps

  • Changes wording of Rep formula (no change to formula)

Article VIII: EBoard

  • Changes quorum from “3” to “majority”

Article IX: Officers

  • Adds “at the beginning of the year” to BTeam, PAC, Elections, and other committee appointments

Article X: Bargaining Team

  • Changes purpose to “bargain for,” adds “at the beginning of the year” to appointments, creates a list of alternate BTeam members, puts surveying members back in Bylaws (instead of Standing Rules)

Article XI: PAC

  • Adds “at the beginning of the year” to appointments

Article XII: Committees

  • Adds “at the beginning of the year” to appointments

Article XIII: Elections

  • Adds not even Pres can cancel elections, adds description of composition and appointment of Elections Committee

Article XIV: Grievances

  • Changes grievance process to EBoard “adopts with approval of” Rep Council

Article XV: General Meeting

  • Drops required annual meeting, allows electronic meetings for dissemination of information but not voting

And here are the complete texts of the proposed LTA Bylaws changes as well as CTA’s review and recommendations of our June 9, 2016 bylaws update.

CTA Review of LTA Bylaws

Proposed Amendments to the LTA Bylaws (full text)


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