Lennox Teachers Endorse Sergio Hernandez and Shannon Thomas-Allen for School Board

The November 2018 election will have a lasting impact on the nation, the state, and on the community of Lennox.  For the first time in 5 years, a majority of seats on the Lennox School District Board of Education will be up for election all at the same time.  Five years ago, it was a time of tremendous turmoil, change and economic hardship for the district, for the teachers, and for the community of Lennox.  Since them, we, the teachers of Lennox, have worked closely with the community and staff and administration of the schools and district to rebuild and provide our students with the education they deserve.  An important part of this effort has been support, vision and leadership of our School Board.  With this in mind, and with our eye on the future, the Representative Council of the Lennox Teachers Association has voted unanimously to endorse the 2 incumbent candidates who are seeking re-election to continue the work they have begun on behalf of our students – Sergio Hernandez and Shannon Thomas-Allen.  Both incumbents bring with them unique and important perspectives as well as 5 years of experience on the School Board.  The district is doing well, our programs are expanding, and our enrollment is growing.  With the early resignation of our 3rd incumbent School Board member, John Navarro, we will definitely be gaining a new face on the School Board in November, someone who will bring new ideas and fresh perspectives.  We, the teachers of Lennox, believe that balance of these new perspectives with the wisdom and experience of our veteran School Board members will provide our schools and district with the continuity and leadership necessary to lead the Lennox School district forward in times of prosperity and times of challenge.  Please, join us in voting for Sergio Hernendez and Shannon Thomas-Allen for the Lennox School District Board of Education in November 2018.

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