2020 LTA Scholarships – Updated Extended Deadline + Online Application Only

In light of the Covid-19 related school closures and stress on our students and community in recent weeks, LTA has decided to extend the deadlines for our Mary David Scholarship (8th graders) and College/University Scholarship (graduating 12th graders).  Previously due May 2, 2020, applications for both scholarships will now be due May 22, 2020.

We have also been forced to change the change the manner in which applications are submitted.  Applicants may NOT submit their applications by mail.  We are very sorry, but we are unable to get to the post office to collect applications.  Instead, applicants may submit their applications in one of two ways:

1) Applicants can download the application as either a pdf or Word document (links below) and email the completed application back to us as an attachment at: ltawebpage@gmail.com, or

2) Applicants can complete the application directly through Google Forms, using the links provided below.

In either case, all applications must be submitted by 4:00 PM on Friday, May 22, 2020.  No exceptions will be made and no late applications will be accepted.

The Lennox Teachers Association is pleased to announce two scholarship opportunities for Lennox students!

The LTA Mary Davis Scholarship
• Named for long-time School Board trustee and child advocate, Mary Davis.
• Four $100.00 scholarships to purchase books for summer reading and high school.
• Open to all 8th graders attending Lennox Middle School.
• Award recipients will be notified in June 2020 and awards will be presented at the Lennox Middle School end-of-the-year award ceremony.

updated application >     pdf     Word doc

Google Form application


The LTA College/University School Scholarship
• Two $1,000.00 scholarships to help with college/university expenses.
• Open to all high school seniors who graduated from Lennox Middle School and are currently living within the Lennox School District boundaries (regardless of legal citizenship/residency status).
• Students must be in good academic standing and must be enrolled in a college/university by the Fall of 2020.
• Criteria for selecting award candidates will include academic and leadership achievements.
• Award recipients will be notified by mid-May 2020 and awards will be presented at recipients’ high school end-of-the-year award ceremonies.

updated application >     pdf     Word doc

Google Form application


All applications are due 4:00 PM on Friday, May 22, 202o.  No exceptions will be made and no late applications will be accepted.

Lennox Teachers Association
Supporting Teachers, Supporting Students

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2020 LTA Spring Elections – Postponed + Updates

Two updates on the LTA Spring 2020 Elections-

1) Due to school closure and social distancing orders because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and under recommendation of CTA, the LTA Rep Council voted on April 16, 2020 to postpone the LTA Spring 2020 Election until September 2020.  As Covid-19 events unfold and the school situation in fall becomes more clear, the LTA Elections Committee will publish new dates and timelines for the election.  In the meantime, people holding positions that were to be voted on shall have their terms of office extended for 2-3 months – President, Vice Presidents of Contractual and Curricular Affairs, Treasure (see below), and all Site Reps.

2) The current LTA Treasurer has also announced her resignation at the first opportunity (currently September), so when the next LTA election is held, the position of Treasurer will also be up for election (for 1 year, completing the current 2-year term).

Treasurer [member of Executive Board]:

  • Receives all funds belonging to the Association and is responsible for their safekeeping and accounting;
  • Pays out such funds upon orders of the President;
  • Prepares a written financial report for each regular meeting of the Representative Council and Executive Board;
  • Is responsible for an annual audit of the books of the Association and distributing a summary of this audit to the Membership;
  • Is responsible for submitting membership and financial reports to CTA, NEA and other agencies as required by law; and
  • Files state and federal tax returns for the Association
  • Stipend = $750/yr.

Anyone interesting in running for Treasurer (or any other elected office) should look for details on the positions and timelines for declaration candidacies that will be published here in late summer.

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UPDATE 3: LTA/LSD MOU Regarding the Effects of Covid-19 School Closures – Final

Final agreement was reached on April 7, 2020 between the Lennox Teachers Association and the Lennox School District regarding the effects of Covid-19 school closures.  This agreement better defines the rights and responsibilities of teachers at this difficult time, and, above all else, protects the health of teachers, students and the Lennox community.

download the final LTA/LSD Covid-19 MOU

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UPDATE 2: LTA Bargaining Proposal Regarding the Effects of Covid-19 School Closures

Negotiations continue over the weekend between LTA and the Lennox School District regarding the effects of Covid-19 School Closures. LSD responded on 4/2/20 to LTA’s previous proposal, LTA responded to LSD’s proposals on the morning of 4/4/20, and LSD responded to LTA’s proposals the afternoon of 4/4/20.

download LSD Covid-19 proposal (4-2-20)

download LTA Covid-19 proposal (4-4-20 AM)

download LSD Covid-19 proposal (4-4-20 PM)

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Message from the LTA President to the Community re: Covid-19 School Closures

Hello Our Beloved Lennox Community,

I hardly know where to begin my communication with you.  As I was preparing my message to you, we received another update from the district’s Superintendent about extending school closure to the end of the year.  This huge pandemic moment has affected all of us, throughout our communities, our nation and our world.  One important thing to remember is that we all have been hurting and united together.  The sacrifices and all the adjustments to our daily lives has confined us all into a term commonly used as “uncharted waters.”  After three weeks of life altering changes and parents/guardians becoming instant teachers, we start off our spring break.  Please take this time to focus on yourself and your loved ones.

On behalf of the Lennox Teachers Association, we want you all to know we miss all of our students and families greatly.  All of our hearts are heavy with the notice of the school closure being extended to the end of the year.  Please know that teachers will continue to work endlessly in moving forward with supporting you and your family.  We will continue to reach out to parents and students to teach distance learning lessons, provide support for our parents, and continue to advocate on your behalf.
We want our Lennox families to know that our priority will continue to be health and safety for our students and Lennox community.
Priscilla Avila
President, Lennox Teachers Association

Hola nuestra querida comunidad de Lennox,

No sé por dónde comenzar mi comunicación con ustedes.  Mientras preparaba mi mensaje para ustedes, recibimos últimas noticias del Superintendente del distrito de Lennox acerca de extender el cierre de la escuela hasta el final del año.  Este gran momento de pandemia nos ha afectado a todos, a lo largo de nuestras comunidades, nuestra nación y nuestro mundo.  Una cosa importante para recordar es que todos hemos estado sufriendo juntos pero unidos.  Los sacrificios y todos los ajustes a nuestra vida cotidiana nos han confinado a todos en un término comúnmente usado de “aguas desconocidas.”  Después de tres semanas de cambios que alteran la vida y los padres/tutores se convierten en maestros instantáneos, comenzamos nuestras vacaciones de primavera.  Tómese este tiempo para concentrarse en usted y en sus seres queridos.

En nombre de la Asociación de Maestros de Lennox, queremos que todos sepan que extrañamos mucho a todos nuestros estudiantes y familias.  Todos nuestros corazones están pesados ​​con el aviso del cierre de la escuela que se extiende hasta el final del año.  Tenga en cuenta que los maestros continuarán trabajando sin cesar, para seguir adelante apoyándolos a usted y su familia.  Continuaremos contactando a los padres/guardians y estudiantes para enseñarles lecciones de aprendizaje a distancia, brindarles apoyo, y continuando abogando para la comunidad de Lennox.

Queremos que nuestras familias de Lennox sepan que nuestra prioridad continuará siendo la salud y la seguridad para nuestros estudiantes y la comunidad de Lennox.

Priscilla Avila
Presidente de la Asociación de Maestros de Lennox

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