Professional Relations
Instruction and Professional Development (IPD)
Political Action Committee (PAC)
PAC: By-laws
Scholarship Committee
Healthcare Benefits Committee
Bargaining and Negotiations Team

Professional Relations:

Term:  1 Year, appointed

Committee description: Seek to resolve matters of conflict between members and administrators at the school site level and then at the district level, if necessary.


Buford: Roberta Salas

Felton: Michele Pallas

Huerta: Francis Hernández

Jefferson: Ricardo López

LMS 6: (vacant)

LMS 7/8: Sandra Thorman (tentative)

LMSTA: Jessie Rius

Moffett: Fidel López

Preschool: Sigrid Caballero


Instruction and Professional Development (IPD):

Term: 1 Year, appointed

Committee Description: represent the teachers perspective on matters of curriculum and professional development.


Buford: Mary Dietrick

Felton: Martha Padilla

Huerta: Lisa Roberts

Jefferson: Silvana Fusco

LMS 6: Claudia Flores

LMS 7/8: Julie Smith

LMSTA: (vacant)

Moffett: April Mosby

Preschool: (vacant)


Political Action Committee (PAC):

Term: 2 Years, appointed

Committee Description: coordinates the association’s involvement in local politics.

Chair: (vacant)

Treasurer: Ryan Williams

Members: (vacant)


PAC: By-laws

Committee Description: create by-laws to govern PAC activities and guide candidate endorsement for local elections.

Chair: Yesenia Guerrero

Members: Martha Padilla, Ryan Williams


Scholarship Committee:

Committee Description: selects recipients for high school and college scholarships.


Members: Ramon Rodríguez, María Euyoque-García


Healthcare Benefits Committee:

Committee Description: provide for teacher input and advises the district on issues of healthcare benefits.

Chair: Brian Johnson, Assistant Superintendent of Finance

Members representing teachers: Maureen Romero, Rudy Alvarado, Brian Guerrero


Bargaining and Negotiations Team:

Committee Description: conducts contract bargaining sessions with the district on behalf of the unit members.

Chair: Polo Márquez



Elementary K-2:

Elementary 3-5: