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  • Get Out The Vote!

    Greeting Everyone-

    I’m writing to nag you one more time.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS ON SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY.

    Volunteering Flyer

    Prop 30 is going to be unbelievably close.  The good news is that, based on CTA’s latest tracking polls, it’s moving towards 50%.  The bad news is we’re not there yet and there are only a few days to go.  Our Prop 32 effort is holding its own, but it is still closer than we would like.  UNLESS WE ALL WORK ON GETTING OUT THE VOTE THIS WEEKEND, NOVEMBER 8 COULD BE A DAY OF TERRIBLE REGRET.

    For this reason and more, I am asking for 8 volunteers for each of the GOTV dates leading up to the election – Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  That’s only 1 per school per day.  You can call or walk, but we need volunteers working to GOTV (Get Out The Vote).  If we can get more than 8 each day, that would be great, but LTA’s share of the effort is 8.  CTA has to plan and allocate the volunteers where they will be most effective, so I need to know the names of the volunteers by THIS THURSDAY at about 5pm.  It’s more of a “thank you” than an incentive to volunteer, but if you do volunteer for 3 or more hours, you will be entered in a drawing to win one of two iPad minis.  But don’t volunteer for the iPads, volunteer because it’s the right thing to do, and because none of us wants to wake up next Wednesday morning asking ourselves if we could have done more.

    Volunteering Flyer

    The Lennox School District could lose $3 MILLION if Prop 30 doesn’t pass, opening up the possibility of 15 additional furlough days next year (on top of the 5 we have already have – that would be an 11% salary cut on furloughs alone!), plus changes to our benefits and even deeper RIFs than last year.

    Please let me know by THIS THURSDAY AT 5PM if you are able to volunteer.

    So, please folks, we need you one last time.  We cannot let this election slip through our fingers!

    Thanks for everything,
    Brian Guerrero
    President, Lennox Teachers Association

  • Resouces for the Week of Oct 9-12

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, this is a really busy week for LTA and, in the interest of keeping people informed so they can participate fully, I’m going to post a bunch of background documents here.

    Tuesday, October 9

    • School Board meeting (5:30-10pm) – Remember, our goal this year is to get at least one person from each school to each Board meeting to report back to their staffs.  Here is a copy of the preliminary agenda.

    Thursday, October 11

    • Rep Council (3:30-6:30pm) – Here is the preliminary agenda.  In addition to the always important Rep Council business (committee reports, setting priorities for this year’s LTA budget, and deciding if we want to endorse the Centinela Valley parcel tax), there will be two very important guest presentations this week.
    1. Jeff Good and Cindy Ensworth from CTA will present (3:30-4:30) on Parent Triggers: what CTA’s perspective is, what teachers need to be aware of, and what CTA’s role is before, during and after.  Reference documents:  SBX5 4: the Romero Act; Ed Code on Parent Triggers; Ed Code clarifying Parent Triggers; and the CTA Legal Advisory on Parent Triggers.
    2. Mike McGalliard and Ray Reisler from New Visions/LENZ will present (4:30-5:00) on their MOU with the district.  Basically, Mike contacted me and asked for a forum where he could answer teachers’ question and try to deal with any concerns teachers had.  So this is your chance to ask questions, folks.  Reference documents:  the New Visions/LSD MOU; LENZ Strategic Vision; LENZ FAQ; LENZ Goals and Milestones for successful kids.

    Friday, October 12

    • Community Appreciation Dinner (6-8pm) – We’ll be hosting a Community Appreciation Dinner for the parents and community members who came out and supported us last spring.  We’ll be providing dinner and some fun stuff for kids.  It’ll be a nice opportunity for teachers to say, “Thanks” to parents.  Teacher flyer; Parent/Community flyer.

    That’s it.  Thanks, and enjoy!

  • School Board Approves New Contract – We’re Done! (Until November, That Is)

    On Tuesday, September 25th, the Lennox School Board unanimously approved Part 2 of the Tentative Agreement, ratified by the teachers of Lennox two weeks earlier, bringing to a close negotiations for this year.  We have a contract, folks.  It’s not perfect, we didn’t get everything that was important to us, but achieved our most important objectives – maintaining class sizes, saving jobs, and getting some relief from the ever increasing workload pushed on us by the district.

    So what’s next?  The election, plain and simple.  If Prop 30 and/or Prop 38 pass, we sit down with the district and start looking carefully at the district’s budget in preparation for re-opening some non-compensation parts of the contract in January 2013.  But if Prop 30 and Prop 38 fail, when we sit down with the district in November, it will be to start talking about additional furlough days and salary cuts in 2013-2014, beyond those we’ve already agreed to.  That would be bad.  So let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.

    Phone banking has already begun at the CTA offices and many of you have already participated.  But many of you haven’t yet.  This is the time to take all that amazing energy everyone had last spring and unleash it on the election to make sure Prop 30 passes (and to defeat Prop 32 while we’re at it).  So, please, if you haven’t done phone banking yet, contact your Site Rep and sign up!  We need your participation as much now as we did last spring.


  • Part 2 Tentative Agreement Passes!

    After months of tough negotiating and vigorous organizing, agreement was reached with the district in August on the second half of our contract negotiations.  Two weeks ago, the Lennox Teachers Association Representative Council approved moving the Tentative Agreement forward for a vote of the full membership, and after three days of voting, tonight, I am pleased to announce that the Part 2 Tentative Agreement has passed.  We are now one step away from being done bargaining (until November, at least).  The next and final step is for the Board to approve the TA, which they are scheduled to do at the next Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept 25.

    So what’s next?  Like the rest of CTA, our efforts for the next few months will focus on getting Prop 30 passed and Prop 32 defeated.  And then, in November, we start looking at district finances again.  If Prop 30 passes,  we begin looking at the district’s budget in preparation for “re-openers” in January.  And if it fails, we begin negotiating in November for further compensation cuts in 2013-2014.  But nobody wants that.  So we are going to build on the momentum we built up in our spring and summer negotiations/organizing and roar into the fall election campaign, doing everything we can to get Prop 30 passed.

    Thanks everyone, from the Bargaining Team to the Organizing Team, from the site reps and volunteers who counted votes today to everyone who voted.  Thanks.

  • Agreement on Part 2 of the Contract Reached!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Part 2 Tentative Agreement.

    Rather than bore you with the details of the back-and-forth during the bargaining session, let me get right to the details.

    Pay Cycle:  11-month pay cycle for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, and an LTA/district committee that will look into the possibility of returning to a 12-month cycle and make recommendations to the bargaining teams.

    Wednesday Minimum Days, Meeting Time & Teacher Discretionary Time:  Continue with the current Wednesday minimum days at elementary and middle schools, and extend Wednesday minimum days to pre-school.  Three Wednesdays per month will continue to have teacher discretionary time from 2:00-3:15.  (LMSTA will not be scheduling minimum day Wednesdays or Wednesday discretionary time, but LMSTA teachers got permanent contract language guaranteeing their existing planning period in the Part 1 agreement).  No more than 5 hours of meetings outside of contract hours per month for all members.

    Back-to-School Night & Open House:  Back-to-School Night limited to 90 minutes and evening Open Houses limited to 60 minutes.  Pre-school, elementary and middle school have no meetings during these weeks, and LMSTA has 1 hour less meeting time during these months.

    2013-2014:  This is the part that depends on the November election.

    If Proposition 30 (the Governor’s tax initiative) or Proposition 38 (the Munger initiative) pass:

    • LTA and the district agree to meet for a Budget Study Session no later that November 30, 2012 to examine the district’s financial situation and prepare to negotiate re-openers in January 2013.  By January 15, 2013, each party may re-open any 3 articles of the contract except Article 6: Salary and Benefits.
    • If a local parcel tax is passed in November in addition to the passage of one of the tax propositions, Article 6: Salary and Benefits may be re-opened in January 2013 for possible restoration of financial concessions in 13/14.
    • If the district’s funding is cut by more than $50 per pupil despite the propositions passing, Article 6: Salary and Benefits may be re-opened in January 2013 for additional financial concessions in 13/14.

    If both Proposition 30 (the Governor’s tax initiative) and Proposition 38 (the Munger initiative) fail:

    • LTA and the district agree to meet no later that November 30, 2012 to re-open negotiations regarding additional compensation cuts in 13/14.  By January 15, 2013, each party may re-open any 3 additional articles of the contract except Article 6: Salary and Benefits.

    Link to printable Bargaining Update #7

    Link to full text of the Part 2 Tentative Agreement

    I just want to say thanks again to Polo Marquez, our Bargaining Chair, and all the members of the Bargaining Team for all their hard work, and to Larry Lamadrid, Organizing Chair, and the fabulous Organizing Team for all their efforts to support bargaining and our teachers, and to all the teachers of Lennox for their unswerving support through this process.  And with negotiations concluded, we can begin the school year focused on our students and classrooms, and turn our attention and organizing efforts to the November election to make sure the Governor’s tax initiative passes.

    Brian Guerrero
    LTA President