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  • Teacher Innovation Grants Awarded

    We are pleased to announce that teacher teams at three of our schools – Buford, Moffett and Lennox Middle School – have been awarded Teacher Innovation Grants by the Lennox Educational Neighborhood Zone (LENZ). Congratulations to them all! This opportunity was made possible through a partnership between the Lennox Teachers Association, the Lennox School District, LENZ, and LENZ’s parent organization – the not-for-profit-organization New Visions, headed by Mr. Paul Cummins. LENZ and New Visions are dedicated to enhancing the education and health of all Lennox students, and the Teacher Innovation Grants are designed to fund creative, teach-led projects geared toward helping struggling students with awards of up to $3,000. The Teacher Innovation Grants are one of the many programs that LENZ has developed along with its partner organizations, and we hope to see this program continue and expand in the future to give even more teachers the opportunity to try out innovative new ideas.

  • Grants for Lennox Teachers Available through LENZ

    Lennox teachers, don’t miss out on the chance to get up to $3,000 to do something new with your students.

    How would you use $3,000 to help your most challenging students?

    LENNOX EDUCATIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD ZONE (LENZ) is offering Teacher Innovation Grants ranging from $1,000-$3,000 to support Lennox teachers in their work with students who need something extra.  They could be students who haven’t made enough academic gains, or students who are difficult to motivate, or students who have factors outside the school that hinder their success.  You decide.  You apply.  And if you are a grant recipient, you demonstrate to us what you think would give these students the boost they need.

    LENNOX EDUCATIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD ZONE (LENZ) was created by New Visions Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide exceptional educational and support services to the most underserved youth in Los Angeles County.  In 2012, New Visions entered into a partnership with the Lennox School District with the objective of helping LENZ reach its goals for Lennox students and their families.

    The grants are very open to creative ideas.  The only “musts” are that they’ve got to be two-teacher teams and they’ve got to help students.  Those are about the only conditions.  Applications are due March 18, and recipients will be announced before spring break.





  • Resouces for the Week of Oct 9-12

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, this is a really busy week for LTA and, in the interest of keeping people informed so they can participate fully, I’m going to post a bunch of background documents here.

    Tuesday, October 9

    • School Board meeting (5:30-10pm) – Remember, our goal this year is to get at least one person from each school to each Board meeting to report back to their staffs.  Here is a copy of the preliminary agenda.

    Thursday, October 11

    • Rep Council (3:30-6:30pm) – Here is the preliminary agenda.  In addition to the always important Rep Council business (committee reports, setting priorities for this year’s LTA budget, and deciding if we want to endorse the Centinela Valley parcel tax), there will be two very important guest presentations this week.
    1. Jeff Good and Cindy Ensworth from CTA will present (3:30-4:30) on Parent Triggers: what CTA’s perspective is, what teachers need to be aware of, and what CTA’s role is before, during and after.  Reference documents:  SBX5 4: the Romero Act; Ed Code on Parent Triggers; Ed Code clarifying Parent Triggers; and the CTA Legal Advisory on Parent Triggers.
    2. Mike McGalliard and Ray Reisler from New Visions/LENZ will present (4:30-5:00) on their MOU with the district.  Basically, Mike contacted me and asked for a forum where he could answer teachers’ question and try to deal with any concerns teachers had.  So this is your chance to ask questions, folks.  Reference documents:  the New Visions/LSD MOU; LENZ Strategic Vision; LENZ FAQ; LENZ Goals and Milestones for successful kids.

    Friday, October 12

    • Community Appreciation Dinner (6-8pm) – We’ll be hosting a Community Appreciation Dinner for the parents and community members who came out and supported us last spring.  We’ll be providing dinner and some fun stuff for kids.  It’ll be a nice opportunity for teachers to say, “Thanks” to parents.  Teacher flyer; Parent/Community flyer.

    That’s it.  Thanks, and enjoy!

  • Update on LENZ Meeting

    Hi, there!

    There was a small group of interested parties who attended the LENZ exploration meeting.  Brian Guerrero (LTA president), Ryan Paul Williams (LTA member and president elect of the Lennox Coordinating Council), two other members of the LCC, Joanne Isken, and two coordinators for LENZ, and Eddie Garcia, among others.

    Overall, the meeting went well.  We discussed data, presented by Llanet Martin, a UCLA (go Bruins!) doctoral student.  Data analysis included looking at 7th and 8th grade LMS students responses to a previous questionnaire on bullying and professed gang involvement.  Some interesting statistics emerged.  For example, the self-disclosed gang involvement was slightly higher for LMS girls (13%) than boys (12%).   Only 60% of LMS students participated in the survey, but still the results were enlightening nonetheless.

    We also looked at certain other demographics, like the number of ELL learners in Lennox vs. surrounding districts, and then the state itself.  Brian and Paul had some excellent questions about clarification of the data, which I believe were aptly answered by Ms. Martin.  The data on the percentage of ELL learners was based on the state’s data, which is important, because it excluded students who had become FEP.  In other words, the ELL data did not include FEP students.

    I won’t go into every detail on the data, but suffice it to say, this seems to be a partnership that will be very data/results driven, with a focus on maximizing our resources to meet the goals and benchmarks shared in my previous posting, courtesy of LENZ.  This is very preliminary, but please read it to familiarize yourselves with the direction this partnership is moving in.

    I am cautiously optimistic at this point, but at least now we have something that can bring some focus as well as shared goals and objectives with major stakeholders in the Lennox community.

    I’m open to any further sharing/comments.


    David Misraje, Technology Secretary, LTA


    link to collected LENZ links


  • Lennox Educational Neighborhood Zone (LENZ)

    Hi, Folks!

    Tomorrow, at 3 p.m., at the Lennox School District Office, myself, Brian Guerrero, and others will be meeting with the LENZ executive committee, to familiarize ourselves with this partnership, and potentially how the Lennox community intends to move forward with it.  This is a very preliminary meeting, and some of the key players (Joanne Isken and Mike Gilliard, Consultant and Managing Director) will be there.

    The goal right now, is to listen attentively, and examine what this partnership entails, and possible implications for the Lennox community moving forward.  This is not a “public meeting,” but all who are interested are encouraged to attend.  Therefore, if you are at all interested in learning more about the LENZ program, please feel free to stop by.  I believe that the meeting will take place in the board room.

    I’ve included the two attachments sent from Mike that we will be addressing at the meeting tomorrow.  Additional handouts will be distributed at the meeting itself.

    Feel free to email me with any questions: dmisraje@gmail.com

    Look forward to seeing you there.


    David Misraje,

    Secretary of Technology, LTA


    Goals and Milestones of LENZ