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  • 2017-2018 Bargaining Update #2

    The 2017-2018 negotiations cycle continues! On Wednesday, June 14, the LTA Bargaining Team, led by veteran negotiator Lisa Rubio (Huerta) and including Jim Nadler (LMS), Gary Moore (LMS), Justin Catalán (TOSA) and Andrew Staiano (CTA staff), met with the LSD team, made up of Hiacynth Martinez (Personnel), Kevin Franklin (Fiscal Services), Eddie Garcia (Pupil Services), Lissett Pichardo (LMS principal) and Steve Andelson (attorney). This was the first meeting between the two teams this cycle. The LTA Bargaining Team presented specific language proposals that we feel will greatly improve the learning conditions of students and the work conditions of teachers.

    LTA Initial Proposal Highlights:


    • No proposal on salary yet due to continuing developments in the state budget.
    • Establish a fixed enrollment window for benefits open enrollment ending Sept 15 of each year.
    • Add “dependents” to retiree benefits eligibility.


    • Clean up and clarify assignment and transfer definitions.
    • Clean up and clarify processes for voluntary, principal-initiated, and superintendent-initiated transfers.
    • Increase release time given to teachers for room changes, assignment changes, and transfers, adding one additional day to each scenario, and permitting (by mutual agreement with principal) paid overtime rather than release time.
    • Eliminate “under most circumstances” from language pertaining to flying TOSA and certificated administrator vacancies, requiring the district to fly all such openings.


    • Include students with IEPs in the class-size calculations of their general education teachers to prevent bloated classes when students with IEPs “mainstream.”
    • Clarify that special education classes, intervention classes and other classes with artificially low class sizes should not be used when calculating the overall class-size average for LMS.
    • Calculate the class-size averages of DL and non-DL classes separately, and require that classes in both programs meet contractual and MOU class-size averages, to avoid inter-program disparities and unequal educational environments for students.


    • Change the frequency of evaluation for permanent teachers with 10+ years of experience and prior satisfactory evaluations from up to every three years to up to every five years.

    Additionally, the LTA Bargaining Team suggested forming a joint exploratory committee to review the district’s new special programs (the School of Engineering, the School of Dentistry, the Lennox Virtual Academy, etc.), and explore their contractual implications.

    The district team also reviewed their proposal (but did not present specific language).

    LSD Proposal Highlights:


    • No proposal on salary due to continuing developments in the state budget.
    • Clarify that the number of days in a work year (used to calculate the 75% of a work year required to advance on the salary schedule) should be all work days [183] as opposed to instructional days [180]; i.e., that unit members must work 137.25 or more days, not 135, in order to advance on the salary schedule.
    • Amend and update Appendix B: Relative Position Salary Guarantee.


    • Modify language to specifically permit voluntary after-school meetings on Fridays.
    • Establish contractual SpEd preschool and TK dismissal times.


    • Eliminate the contractual requirement to fly TOSA and certificated administrator vacancies.


    • Clean up and clarify language describing unit member responsibility to obtain prior approval for coursework; eliminate provisions for retroactive salary increases when prior approval was not obtained.

    State Budget

    In other news, the state budget continues to evolve. We’ve made great progress in the last few years and are WAY ahead of the projections on LCFF funding and closing the gap between where we were in 2013-2014 and the targets for 2020-2021. At this point, we’re at about 87% of “full funding” from the state. Original budget estimates were that we’d close 73% of the remaining gap next year, but then, in the Governor’s January Budget, the gap closure dropped to 24% – still an increase in funding compared to this year, but not much. COLA was estimated at 1.48%. Then, in the May Revise, the gap closure went back up to 44% and COLA was adjusted to 1.56%. The Governor also proposed over $1 billion dollars in one-time monies for school districts for professional development, new teacher induction, instructional materials, and technology. The only catch was that it wouldn’t be paid out until May 2019. 2019! So… basically useless for long-term planning because who knows what could happen to that money before it actually gets sent to school districts. However, just last night, as details about the final state budget were becoming clear, it started looking like the pay-out date for that billion dollars will be moved up to 2018. Great news, if it happens. The State Legislature will vote on the final budget Thursday, and then our Bargaining Team can begin to analyze the approved state budget and its impact on Lennox. Once they have a better idea of what the district’s 2017-2018 budget will be, they can determine how much of a salary increase would be fair to teachers, balanced with the needs of students, and sustainable by the district. They will strive for as much of a raise as possible, but, in the interest of managing expectations, remember that even with a good state budget, the growth we’ve seen over the last few years is slowing down and salary gains will probably be modest this time around.

    Regardless of what the state budget looks like, the LTA Bargaining Team is committed to improving the learning environment for students and the working conditions for teachers in Lennox. We believe the proposals we’ve made will help meet the needs of teachers and assist the district to better meet the needs of all students. The two teams have scheduled their next bargaining session for Tuesday, August 15, just before we return to school. As is always the case, it is our desire to reach an agreement as soon as possible, but not at the expense of achieving important goals that will benefit our students, help our members, and be consistent with the priorities of the Lennox community.

    download Bargaining Update #2

    download LTA Intitial Proposal (6-14-17)

    download LSD Sunshine


  • LCAP Meetings…

    It’s LCAP season again!  Time to review and revise the district’s 3-year Local Control and Accountability Plan.  DSLT (the LCAP committee, including a teacher and parent from every school) has already met three times to review progress on our current LCAP goals, but we also need to get feedback from teachers, parents and the community.

    Below are a number of opportunities for teachers, parents and the community to discuss:

    • implementation of the state standards
    • student achievement
    • student attendance and engagement
    • course access
    • school climate and safety
    • parent involvement

    The LCAP is a public document, and there is a link to the current 2016-2019 LCAP left-hand side of the district’s home page, under “Important Links” – http://www.lennox.k12.ca.us/##


    As district employees, you have 5 ways to give your input:

    1) Have a discussion with your DSLT member:

    • Buford – Marichi Fragoza
    • Felton – Ana Marcelletti
    • Huerta – Francis Hernandez
    • Jefferson – David Martin
    • Moffett – Shannon Alvarado
    • LMS – Desiree Dorado

    2) Take the employee LCAP survey.

    3) Attend the official district employee input session.  Wednesday, March 8, 3:30 pm in the PDC at DO.

    4) There will be a discussion at each school for  anyone who wants to talk about the LCAP.

    • Tues, Feb 21, 3:15 pm – Jefferson
    • Weds, Feb 22, 3:15 pm – Huerta
    • Mon, Feb 27, 3:15 pm – Felton
    • Tues, Feb 28, 3:15 pm – Buford
    • Weds, March 1, 3:15 pm – DO
    • Thurs, March 2, 3:15 pm – LMS
    • Weds, March 15, 3:15 pm – Moffett

    5) Attend a School Board meeting in May/June when the LCAP is presented to the School Board and share your thoughts with the Board.


    Parents and Community

    As part of LTA’s commitment to parents and the community, and to make sure their voices are also heard by the district, LTA will once again hold parent focus groups at every school and will present the parent input to DSLT and the School Board.

    • Friday, Feb. 17, 10:30 AM – Felton Parent Center
    • Tuesday, Feb. 21, 11:00 AM – LMS Parent Center
    • Thursday, Feb. 23, 10:15 AM – Dolores Huerta Parent Center
    • Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 AM – Jefferson Parent Center
    • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 8:30 AM – Moffett Parent Center
    • Wednesday, March 1, 10:15 AM – Buford Parent Center

    download the LTA Parent LCAP Flyer


    Lots of opportunities for input.  The LCAP is an excellent way for teachers and other district employees, as well as parents and the community, to participate in developing and guiding the district’s vision (and budget) for the next 3 years.  We hope you’ll participate in some way.

  • We Have A Tentative Agreement!

    download Bargaining Update #5


    Your LTA Bargaining Team – led by Lisa Rubio (Huerta), with Justin Catalán (Moffett), Gary Moore (LMS), Jim Nadler (LMS) and Andrew Staiano (CTA) – has reached a Tentative Agreement with the district.

    Tentative Agreement Highlights


    • Increases salaries by 2% permanently, retroactive to July 1, 2016, for a total salary increase of 11% over the last 3 years.
    • Increases extra-duty hourly pay rate to $40/hr.
    • Three-year MOU changing the fully district-paid health plan to the lowest cost employee + 1 plan (currently Kaiser Base), and applies that same dollar amount to all other plans, until June 2019.

    for 2016-2017

    Plan Coverage Total






    Kaiser Base (Tier I) Employee $492.07 $492.07 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $984.14 $984.14 $0.00 < 2016-2019 MOU “reference plan”
    Family $1,392.56 $984.14 $408.42
    Kaiser Plus (Tier II) Employee $547.11 $547.11 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $1,176.30 $984.14 $192.16
    Family $1,613.99 $984.14 $629.85
    Health Net Base (Tier I) Employee $611.22 $611.22 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $1,314.13 $984.14 $329.99
    Family 1,803.12 $984.14 $818.98
    Health Net – EOA (Tier II) Employee $655.56 $655.56 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $1,409.44 $984.14 $425.30
    Family $1,933.90 $984.14 $949.76
    Health Net – PPO Employee $1,416.82 $984.14 $432.68
    Employee + 1 $3,046.33 $984.14 $2,062.19
    Family $4,159.67 $984.14 $3,175.53


    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, district will offer 2 voluntary PD/planning days before school starts in August, paid at $350 per day, with at least 3 hours for individual planning time, and 2 voluntary PD/planning days during the school year, paid at $350 per day, with at least 1½ hours per day for individual planning time. [MOU]
    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, maintains at least 75% of preschool/elementary PE time for teacher-directed planning and collaboration (the LCAP currently calls for 2 PEs/week, so 75% = approx. 6 out of 8 PEs/month). [MOU]
    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, maintains 1 period of planning time for middle school teachers. [MOU]
    • Clarifies and reorganizes some existing language defining the teacher work day, student dismissal times, minimum days, and super minimum days.
    • Rejects district proposal allowing staff meetings to end at 4 pm.


    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, maintain the following grade-span student-teacher ratios [MOU]:
      • TK-1      20:1                                                    o   4-5                       27:1
      • 2-3      24:1                                                    o   6-8                       29:1
    • Includes “overage stipend” compensating teachers whose grade-span and individual class-sizes exceed the averages above ($100 each for 1st and 2nd students over and $200 each for 3rd and 4th students over).


    • Accepts district-proposed language updating maternity leave and family leave to reflect changes in state and federal statutes.


    • Eliminates language on state-funded PAR program.


    • Eliminates language on state-funded buy-back days.


    • Accepts district proposal to schedule SLT meetings after school, removes “staffing priorities” from the SLT purview, and rephrases “consensus” language; rejects district proposal to eliminate “student discipline policies and school safety” from SLT purview.


    • Postpones opening full contract for renegotiation until 2019-2020 school year, reopening 3 articles plus compensation in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

    If anyone has any questions, the Bargaining Team will conduct two question-and-answer sessions, one Thursday, September 22, after school in the LMS library, and one Monday, September 26, after school in the Jefferson cafeteria; all unit members are welcome to attend either meeting.

    The ratification vote on the Tentative Agreement will take place at school sites on Monday, September 26, and Tuesday, September 27, at lunch and after school. Once approved by the LTA membership, the Tentative Agreement should go to the School Board for approval on October 7, and once approved by the School Board, the new payscale could be implemented as soon as our second paycheck in October. Teachers will receive a separate retro check for the difference between the old payscale and the new payscale for the time they have already worked this school year. Benefits deductions will be adjusted going forward, and anyone who has effectively “overpayed” because the cost of their selected plan has gone down will have those overpayments credited toward future payments this year (and if the cost of your plan has dropped to zero, you will receive a refund). Unfortunately, it is too late to change plans this year, but you will be able to change plans next year if you want to take advantage of the lower rates for the employee + 1 and family plans for the duration of the MOU.

    Thank you to the LTA Bargaining Team for all your hard work on our behalf.


    download the LSD 9/20/16 AM counterproposal

    download the LTA 9/20/16 AM counterproposal

    download the LSD 9/20/16 PM counterproposal

    download the LTA 9/20/16 PM counterproposal

    download the final LSD/LTA tentative agreement

  • Negotiations Begin

    The LTA Bargaining Team – led by Lisa Rubio (Huerta) and made up of Sigrid Caballero (SpEd preschool), Justin Catalán (Moffett), Jim Nadler (LMS) and Andrew Staiano (CTA staff) – met with the district’s bargaining team Friday morning to present our initial bargaining proposals. The district’s team consists of Dr. Hiacynth Martinez (Sr. Dir. of Personnel), Kevin Franklin (Sr. Dir. of Fiscal Services), Polo Marquez (LMS Dean of Students) and Steve Andelson (attorney).

    LTA Proposal Highlights:


    • Increase salaries by 5%
    • Increase extra-duty rate of pay to $40/hour
    • Increase health benefits across all medical plans, evening contributions so the district pays the same amount into each plan, and permanently establish one 100% district-paid Employee + 1 plan
    • Establish $2,000 stipends for elementary teachers assigned combo classes and middle-school teachers with 3 or more preps


    • Add 7 work days to the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 calendars – 3 PD/planning days before school begins in August, 3 pupil-free PD/planning days during the school year, and increasing the spring Parent Conference day to a full, pupil-free day, all paid at the per diem rate (equivalent to another 3.8% salary increase)
    • Permanently establish 100 minutes of teacher-directed planning/preparation time/week for preschool and elementary teachers (8 PEs/month for teachers, 0 for principals, although principals could “trade” 1 PE for 1 Wednesday afternoon)
    • Permanently establish 1 period of teacher-directed planning/preparation time/day for middle school teachers
    • Better define student dismissal times at all grade levels, and standardize Wednesday early dismissal at 1:38 pm for all schools
    • Clarify super minimum day responsibilities, and permanently establish 3 super minimum days/year for scoring
    • Eliminate morning yard duty


    • Permanently re-establish CSR/QEIA-like grade-span averages:
      • TK-1 20:1
      • 2-3 22:1
      • 4-5 25:1
      • 6-8 27:1
    • Calculate grade-span averages for schools-within-schools (like Dual Language and School of Engineering) separately from the rest of the school so that students in and out of the programs can benefit from smaller class sizes
    • Calculate/check grade-span averages monthly rather than yearly
    • Create class-size maximums, in most cases 2-3 higher than the average above, and caps of 15:1 in LMS intervention, ELD and special education classes


    • Create caseload caps for SDC teachers, and lower existing caps for RSP teachers and Speech and Language Pathologists

    Due to the delays in the bargaining timeline this year, the LTA Bargaining Team made the unprecedented suggestion that the two teams continue negotiating through the summer in hopes of resolving some of the more time-sensitive issues (like benefits and class sizes for next year) as soon as possible. The district’s team declined, but pointed out that the district has postponed the benefits enrollment/adjustment window until fall… in case negotiations results in a change to district and employee contribution levels and people want to adjust their plans as a result. The two teams are scheduled to meet again August 29, September 22, and October 13; additional dates will be scheduled if possible.

    As always, the LTA Bargaining Team is committed to improving the learning environment for students and the working conditions for teachers in Lennox. We believe our proposals will help meet the needs of teachers and assist the district in the era of Common Core and LCFF/LCAP. It is our desire to reach an agreement as soon as possible, but not at the expense of achieving important goals that will help our students, benefit our members, and be consistent with the priorities of the Lennox community.

    Read the full text of the LTA proposals:

    Download LTA Initial Proposals

    Download LTA Bargaining Update #2

  • Contract Negotiations, 2016-2017

    Every year, bargaining begins with “sunshines” – each party publicly announces which articles of the contract they will be opening for negotiations.  This year, the Lennox Teachers Association sunshined first, at the April 26 School Board meeting.  There will be an opportunity for public comment on the LTA sunshine at the next School Board meeting, May 10.  The Lennox School District will sunshine their articles at the May 10 School Board meeting, and their will be an opportunity for public comment on the district’s articles at the May 24 School Board meeting.

    For the 2015-2016 school year, LTA makes the following conceptual proposals to reopen negotiations:


    Bargaining unit member compensation and benefits shall be increased to attract and retain education professionals who can foster the success of students and are invested in the Lennox community.



    The work year and workday of bargaining unit members shall reflect the needs of all stakeholders (students, teachers, the district, the community).


    The district shall maintain low class size averages at all schools and establish class size maximums for the benefit of students.


    The district shall establish caseload maximums for special education services and increase unit member input in the district special education program.

    link to the full text of the LTA 2016-2017 Sunshine