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  • 2017-2018 Bargaining Update #2

    The 2017-2018 negotiations cycle continues! On Wednesday, June 14, the LTA Bargaining Team, led by veteran negotiator Lisa Rubio (Huerta) and including Jim Nadler (LMS), Gary Moore (LMS), Justin Catalán (TOSA) and Andrew Staiano (CTA staff), met with the LSD team, made up of Hiacynth Martinez (Personnel), Kevin Franklin (Fiscal Services), Eddie Garcia (Pupil Services), Lissett Pichardo (LMS principal) and Steve Andelson (attorney). This was the first meeting between the two teams this cycle. The LTA Bargaining Team presented specific language proposals that we feel will greatly improve the learning conditions of students and the work conditions of teachers.

    LTA Initial Proposal Highlights:


    • No proposal on salary yet due to continuing developments in the state budget.
    • Establish a fixed enrollment window for benefits open enrollment ending Sept 15 of each year.
    • Add “dependents” to retiree benefits eligibility.


    • Clean up and clarify assignment and transfer definitions.
    • Clean up and clarify processes for voluntary, principal-initiated, and superintendent-initiated transfers.
    • Increase release time given to teachers for room changes, assignment changes, and transfers, adding one additional day to each scenario, and permitting (by mutual agreement with principal) paid overtime rather than release time.
    • Eliminate “under most circumstances” from language pertaining to flying TOSA and certificated administrator vacancies, requiring the district to fly all such openings.


    • Include students with IEPs in the class-size calculations of their general education teachers to prevent bloated classes when students with IEPs “mainstream.”
    • Clarify that special education classes, intervention classes and other classes with artificially low class sizes should not be used when calculating the overall class-size average for LMS.
    • Calculate the class-size averages of DL and non-DL classes separately, and require that classes in both programs meet contractual and MOU class-size averages, to avoid inter-program disparities and unequal educational environments for students.


    • Change the frequency of evaluation for permanent teachers with 10+ years of experience and prior satisfactory evaluations from up to every three years to up to every five years.

    Additionally, the LTA Bargaining Team suggested forming a joint exploratory committee to review the district’s new special programs (the School of Engineering, the School of Dentistry, the Lennox Virtual Academy, etc.), and explore their contractual implications.

    The district team also reviewed their proposal (but did not present specific language).

    LSD Proposal Highlights:


    • No proposal on salary due to continuing developments in the state budget.
    • Clarify that the number of days in a work year (used to calculate the 75% of a work year required to advance on the salary schedule) should be all work days [183] as opposed to instructional days [180]; i.e., that unit members must work 137.25 or more days, not 135, in order to advance on the salary schedule.
    • Amend and update Appendix B: Relative Position Salary Guarantee.


    • Modify language to specifically permit voluntary after-school meetings on Fridays.
    • Establish contractual SpEd preschool and TK dismissal times.


    • Eliminate the contractual requirement to fly TOSA and certificated administrator vacancies.


    • Clean up and clarify language describing unit member responsibility to obtain prior approval for coursework; eliminate provisions for retroactive salary increases when prior approval was not obtained.

    State Budget

    In other news, the state budget continues to evolve. We’ve made great progress in the last few years and are WAY ahead of the projections on LCFF funding and closing the gap between where we were in 2013-2014 and the targets for 2020-2021. At this point, we’re at about 87% of “full funding” from the state. Original budget estimates were that we’d close 73% of the remaining gap next year, but then, in the Governor’s January Budget, the gap closure dropped to 24% – still an increase in funding compared to this year, but not much. COLA was estimated at 1.48%. Then, in the May Revise, the gap closure went back up to 44% and COLA was adjusted to 1.56%. The Governor also proposed over $1 billion dollars in one-time monies for school districts for professional development, new teacher induction, instructional materials, and technology. The only catch was that it wouldn’t be paid out until May 2019. 2019! So… basically useless for long-term planning because who knows what could happen to that money before it actually gets sent to school districts. However, just last night, as details about the final state budget were becoming clear, it started looking like the pay-out date for that billion dollars will be moved up to 2018. Great news, if it happens. The State Legislature will vote on the final budget Thursday, and then our Bargaining Team can begin to analyze the approved state budget and its impact on Lennox. Once they have a better idea of what the district’s 2017-2018 budget will be, they can determine how much of a salary increase would be fair to teachers, balanced with the needs of students, and sustainable by the district. They will strive for as much of a raise as possible, but, in the interest of managing expectations, remember that even with a good state budget, the growth we’ve seen over the last few years is slowing down and salary gains will probably be modest this time around.

    Regardless of what the state budget looks like, the LTA Bargaining Team is committed to improving the learning environment for students and the working conditions for teachers in Lennox. We believe the proposals we’ve made will help meet the needs of teachers and assist the district to better meet the needs of all students. The two teams have scheduled their next bargaining session for Tuesday, August 15, just before we return to school. As is always the case, it is our desire to reach an agreement as soon as possible, but not at the expense of achieving important goals that will benefit our students, help our members, and be consistent with the priorities of the Lennox community.

    download Bargaining Update #2

    download LTA Intitial Proposal (6-14-17)

    download LSD Sunshine


  • Preliminary LTA Election Results

    Here are the preliminary results of the 2016 LTA Elections:


    President –
    Brian Guerrero

    Vice President Contractual Affairs –
    Priscilla Avila

    Vice President Curriculum –

    Site Reps

    Buford –

    Felton –
    Lupe Laguna
    Natalie Reyes

    Huerta –
    Tam Premsrirath

    Jefferson –
    Diana Powell Blue

    Moffett –
    Jessica Gomez
    Priscilla Avila

    LMS –
    Gary Moore
    Webster Peters

    SpEd Preschool –

    TOSAs –
    Erica Kilgore

    * Pending notification of write-in candidates

  • Candidates Announced for 2015 LTA Election!

    Friday, 5/15/15, was the deadline for candidates to submit their names to have their names appear on the ballot in LTA 2015 election.

    The following is a list of the various positions up for election and the names of the candidates who submitted their names (in CTA alphabetical order):

    Executive Board

    Secretary (1 position, 2-year term)

    • Lisa Rubio

    Treasurer (1 position, 2-year term)

    • Jim Nadler

    Site Representatives

    Buford (2 positions, 1-year terms)

    • no names submitted

    Felton (2 positions, 1-year terms)

    • Guadalupe Laguna
    • Natalie Reyes

    Huerta (2 positions, 1-year terms)

    • Tam Premsrirath

    Jefferson (2 positions, 1-year terms)

    • Maritza Ohanessian

    Moffett (2 positions, 1-year terms)

    • Jessica Gomez
    • Priscilla Avila

    LMS (3 positions*, 1-year terms)

    • no names submitted

    * Because the final number of unit members at LMS next year has not been determined yet, the top 3 vote-getters for LMS Site Rep will be seated, and the 4th-place vote getter will serve as “alternate,” and in case a 4th Site Rep is warranted (i.e., in case there are 71+ unit members at LMS next year), the alternate will be seated as the 4th Site Rep with full voting rights.

    Special Education Preschool (1 position, 1-year term)

    • no names submitted

    Teachers on Special Assignment (1 position, 1-year term)

    • no names submitted

    Voting will take place at school sites from Tuesday, May 26 – Thursday, May 28, 2015.

    In case of a tie where there are more tying candidates than available positions, a run-off election will be held.  As always, write-in candidates will be accepted and votes for write-in candidates will be tallied along with votes for declared candidates.  “Winning” candidates will be contacted in order of the number of votes they received, with the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes being contacted and offered the position first.  If several candidates receive the same number of votes, all will be contacted and offered the position at the same time, and if more accept than the number of positions available, a run-off election will be held.

  • LTA 2015-2016 Elections

    It’s almost election time again in the Lennox Teachers Association. This year we will be holding elections for two EBoard positions (Secretary and Treasurer) and all Site Rep positions. Anyone with strong opinions about how we’re doing and an interest in getting more involved in your union should consider running. And if anyone is thinking about running for President or one of the VP positions next year, serving as a Site Rep or as part of EBoard is a great way to get your feet wet.

    For your convenience, here are the LTA Standing Rules on elections, which include full job descriptions and the election timeline.

    Election Standing Rules
    I. Election Timeline and Procedural Components

    1. The timeline, procedural components, voting by mail procedure and the challenge procedure must be established prior to the election. If the unit has year-round schools, more time is needed because mail balloting may be required.

    2. Schools/work sites on alternative calendars shall be considered when setting election timelines.

    3. The election begins with the announcement of vacancy(ies) and terms of office and cannot be stopped until the conclusion of the election, including run-offs if necessary.

    1. Secretary – 2-year term, staggered relative to Pres and VPs [member of the Executive Board]:
    a. Carries on the correspondence pertaining to the affairs of the Association as directed by the President;
    b. Keeps a careful and accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting, regular or special, of the Association, Representative Council, and Executive Board;
    c. Keeps a careful and accurate roster of meeting attendance and of the membership of all committees;
    d. Is responsible for the distribution of minutes, notices of meetings, and agendas for all meetings to members of the Representative Council and Executive Board, and to the Membership when appropriate;
    e. Is responsible for the formation and distribution of the Association’s calendar of activities; and
    f. Maintains the Association’s webpage and monitors/moderates its social media presence.
    g. Stipend = $500/yr.

    2. Treasurer – 2-year term, staggered relative to Pres and VPs [member of the Executive Board]:
    a. Receives all funds belonging to the Association and is responsible for their safekeeping and accounting;
    b. Pays out such funds upon orders of the President;
    c. Prepares a written financial report for each regular meeting of the Representative Council and Executive Board;
    d. Is responsible for an annual audit of the books of the Association and distributing a summary of this audit to the Membership;
    e. Is responsible for submitting membership and financial reports to CTA, NEA, and other agencies as required by law; and
    f. Files state and federal tax returns for the Association.
    g. Stipend = $500/yr.

    3. Site Representatives – 1-year terms (based on formula in the LTA Bylaws, currently = 2 per elementary site, 3-4 at LMS (depending on the number of positions at LMS next year), 1 at preschool, and 1 for TOSAs for a total of 15-16 positions) [members of the Representative Council]:
    a. Conduct constant and ongoing liaison between the Representative Council and Active members at the school site;
    b. Serve as the official channel through which written communications and publications can be easily and quickly transmitted between the Association and the Active members;
    c. Represent the views and the input of the Active membership in votes taken in the Representative Council, conducting frequent and regular polls of such membership for this purpose; and
    d. Perform such additional duties as prescribed by the Executive Board.
    e. Stipend = $150/yr.

    4. A Timeline for Elections shall include the following:
    a. Announcement of vacancy(ies) and term(s) of office using a method that will ensure each
member is aware of the opportunity to file a declaration of candidacy;

    Announcement = Mon, 5/4/15

    b. At least fifteen (15) calendar days between the announcement date of the vacancy(ies) and the
date of the election;

    Election = Tues, 5/26/15 – Thurs, 5/28/15 (21 days after announcement)

    c. Place, time and date of receipt (date received, not date postmarked) for declaration of 
candidacy forms;

    Written declarations of candidacy must be received by Ann Chaffey at Jefferson Elementary by 4pm on Fri, 5/15/15

    d. Final date to acknowledge candidates’ declaration of candidacy;

    Candidates will be announced on Fri, 5/15/15, no later than 8pm, via the LTA website

    e. Date for preparation of ballots;

    Ballots will be prepared on Fri, 5/15/15

    f. Date on which ballots will be distributed;

    Ballots will be distributed to non-running Site Reps and Professional Relations Reps on the morning of Tues, 5/26/15

    g. Date by which to request a ballot;

    Written requests for mail-in ballots must be received either by Ann Chaffey at Jefferson Elementary or delivered to the Association post office box [Lennox Teachers Association, PO Box 2231, Hawthorne, CA 90251] by 4pm on Thurs, 5/14/15. Mail-in ballots will be sent via regular mail on Sat, 5/16/15, to those members on dues paying leave who request them by the above deadline

    h. Date(s) when voting will take place;

    Voting will take place on Tues, 5/26/15 – Thurs, 5/28/15

    i. Deadline date (date received, not date postmarked), time and place for return of ballots;

    Completed ballots must be must be received by Ann Chaffey at Jefferson Elementary by 4pm on Thurs, 5/28/15. Mail-in ballots must be delivered to the Association post office box [Lennox Teachers Association, PO Box 2231, Hawthorne, CA 90251] by 4pm on Thurs, 5/28/15

    j. Date, time and place where ballots will be counted, which should be immediately following the 
deadline for receipt of voted ballots;

    Ballots will be counted on Thurs, 5/28/15 at 4:30pm at Jefferson Elementary

    k. Date that announcement of results shall be made to leadership, candidates, members, and 
posted at each work site, which date shall be not later than five (5) calendar days following the 
counting of ballots;

    Results will be posted on the LTA website on Thurs, 5/28/15, no later than 8pm, and posted at all school sites on LTA bulletin boards on Fri, 5/29/15

    l. Dates and timelines for run-off election, if necessary; and

    Run-off election (if necessary) = Mon, 6/1/15 – Weds, 6/3/15
    Ballots received/counted = Weds, 6/3/15, 4:30pm
    Results announced = Weds, 6/3/15, no later than 8pm

    m. Deadline for filing of challenges to initial election and run-off if held (date received, not date 

    Written challenges must be filed by Tues, 6/19/15 at 8am with by Ann Chaffey at Jefferson Elementary.

    5. Procedural Components should include the following:
    a. Method by which Declaration of Candidacy(ies) are submitted (mail, hand delivered, fax);

    Declarations of candidacy must be received by Ann Chaffey at Jefferson Elementary by 4pm on Fri, 5/15/15. Declarations may be submitted via e-mail or hand delivery.

    b. Procedure for distributing election guidelines/rules to candidates;

    Election guidelines and rules will be posted on the LTA website and at all school sites on LTA bulletin boards.

    c. Campaign statement of candidates (decide on limit of number of words, and what to do if limitation is exceeded);

    Candidate statements will be limited to 50 words or less. In case a candidate submits a statement exceeding 50 words, only the first 50 words will be included on the Candidates’ Statement sheet.

    d. Method of distribution of ballots;

    Ballots will be distributed to non-running Site Reps and Professional Relations Reps on the morning of Tues, 5/26/15. Non-running Site Reps and Professional Relations Reps will make ballots available to members during non-contract hours before school, at lunch and after school on Tues, 5/26/15 – Thurs, 5/28/15.

    Mail-in ballots will be sent via regular mail on Sat, 5/16/15, to those members on dues paying leave who request them by 4pm on Thurs, 5/14/15. Written requests for mail-in ballots must be received either by Ann Chaffey at Jefferson Elementary or delivered to the Association post office box [Lennox Teachers Association, PO Box 2231, Hawthorne, CA 90251].

    e. Whether declarations of candidacy must be accompanied by a campaign statement, or whether the statement will be solicited later. If later, a deadline date must be established;

    Declarations of candidacy must be accompanied by a campaign statement of no more than 50 words, and submitted by the Fri, 5/15/15, 4pm, deadline.

    f. Provision for elections committee chairperson or designee to be present to receive declaration of candidacy by filing deadline;

    Ann Chaffey will be available to receive declarations of candidacy 3:15pm – 4pm on Fri, 5/15/15, at Jefferson Elementary. Declarations may be submitted to Ann Chaffey prior to the deadline via e-mail or hand delivery.

    g. Announce that the names are to be listed according to CTA alphabet;

    Names will be listed according to CTA alphabet.

    h. If not provided in governance documents, election will be decided by majority vote. If a candidate does not receive a majority vote, a run-off election shall be conducted between the candidates receiving the highest number of votes. The names on the ballot will be one (1) more than the number of vacancies to be filled.

    full text of LTA Standing Rules on election for download

  • LTA Standing Rules Ammended

    Rep Council approved a couple of changes to the LTA Standing Rules last night (the Standing Rules are part of the LTA Bylaws and Standing Rules document and govern the day-to-day operations of the Association)

    1. Include policies already approved by Rep Council last year

    • Formally recognize in the Standing Rules special ed preschool teachers and TOSAs as special faculty groups who get a Rep on Rep Council
    • Add the attendance requirement to the description of Rep’s responsibilities (attend 8 out of 10 Rep Council meetings, -$10 from stipend for each missed meeting after that)

    2. Additional changes

    • Add LTA’s mailing address and web page address to the Standing Rules
    • Re-arrange the order of business at Rep Council meetings to bring Site Reports, the Membership Report, and the Treasurer’s Report earlier
    • Amend the limit on the President’s credit card to avoid the $15 monthly fee

    download the updated LTA Bylaws and Standing Rules