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  • LCAP Meetings…

    It’s LCAP season again!  Time to review and revise the district’s 3-year Local Control and Accountability Plan.  DSLT (the LCAP committee, including a teacher and parent from every school) has already met three times to review progress on our current LCAP goals, but we also need to get feedback from teachers, parents and the community.

    Below are a number of opportunities for teachers, parents and the community to discuss:

    • implementation of the state standards
    • student achievement
    • student attendance and engagement
    • course access
    • school climate and safety
    • parent involvement

    The LCAP is a public document, and there is a link to the current 2016-2019 LCAP left-hand side of the district’s home page, under “Important Links” – http://www.lennox.k12.ca.us/##


    As district employees, you have 5 ways to give your input:

    1) Have a discussion with your DSLT member:

    • Buford – Marichi Fragoza
    • Felton – Ana Marcelletti
    • Huerta – Francis Hernandez
    • Jefferson – David Martin
    • Moffett – Shannon Alvarado
    • LMS – Desiree Dorado

    2) Take the employee LCAP survey.

    3) Attend the official district employee input session.  Wednesday, March 8, 3:30 pm in the PDC at DO.

    4) There will be a discussion at each school for  anyone who wants to talk about the LCAP.

    • Tues, Feb 21, 3:15 pm – Jefferson
    • Weds, Feb 22, 3:15 pm – Huerta
    • Mon, Feb 27, 3:15 pm – Felton
    • Tues, Feb 28, 3:15 pm – Buford
    • Weds, March 1, 3:15 pm – DO
    • Thurs, March 2, 3:15 pm – LMS
    • Weds, March 15, 3:15 pm – Moffett

    5) Attend a School Board meeting in May/June when the LCAP is presented to the School Board and share your thoughts with the Board.


    Parents and Community

    As part of LTA’s commitment to parents and the community, and to make sure their voices are also heard by the district, LTA will once again hold parent focus groups at every school and will present the parent input to DSLT and the School Board.

    • Friday, Feb. 17, 10:30 AM – Felton Parent Center
    • Tuesday, Feb. 21, 11:00 AM – LMS Parent Center
    • Thursday, Feb. 23, 10:15 AM – Dolores Huerta Parent Center
    • Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 AM – Jefferson Parent Center
    • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 8:30 AM – Moffett Parent Center
    • Wednesday, March 1, 10:15 AM – Buford Parent Center

    download the LTA Parent LCAP Flyer


    Lots of opportunities for input.  The LCAP is an excellent way for teachers and other district employees, as well as parents and the community, to participate in developing and guiding the district’s vision (and budget) for the next 3 years.  We hope you’ll participate in some way.

  • We Have A Tentative Agreement!

    download Bargaining Update #5


    Your LTA Bargaining Team – led by Lisa Rubio (Huerta), with Justin Catalán (Moffett), Gary Moore (LMS), Jim Nadler (LMS) and Andrew Staiano (CTA) – has reached a Tentative Agreement with the district.

    Tentative Agreement Highlights


    • Increases salaries by 2% permanently, retroactive to July 1, 2016, for a total salary increase of 11% over the last 3 years.
    • Increases extra-duty hourly pay rate to $40/hr.
    • Three-year MOU changing the fully district-paid health plan to the lowest cost employee + 1 plan (currently Kaiser Base), and applies that same dollar amount to all other plans, until June 2019.

    for 2016-2017

    Plan Coverage Total






    Kaiser Base (Tier I) Employee $492.07 $492.07 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $984.14 $984.14 $0.00 < 2016-2019 MOU “reference plan”
    Family $1,392.56 $984.14 $408.42
    Kaiser Plus (Tier II) Employee $547.11 $547.11 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $1,176.30 $984.14 $192.16
    Family $1,613.99 $984.14 $629.85
    Health Net Base (Tier I) Employee $611.22 $611.22 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $1,314.13 $984.14 $329.99
    Family 1,803.12 $984.14 $818.98
    Health Net – EOA (Tier II) Employee $655.56 $655.56 $0.00
    Employee + 1 $1,409.44 $984.14 $425.30
    Family $1,933.90 $984.14 $949.76
    Health Net – PPO Employee $1,416.82 $984.14 $432.68
    Employee + 1 $3,046.33 $984.14 $2,062.19
    Family $4,159.67 $984.14 $3,175.53


    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, district will offer 2 voluntary PD/planning days before school starts in August, paid at $350 per day, with at least 3 hours for individual planning time, and 2 voluntary PD/planning days during the school year, paid at $350 per day, with at least 1½ hours per day for individual planning time. [MOU]
    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, maintains at least 75% of preschool/elementary PE time for teacher-directed planning and collaboration (the LCAP currently calls for 2 PEs/week, so 75% = approx. 6 out of 8 PEs/month). [MOU]
    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, maintains 1 period of planning time for middle school teachers. [MOU]
    • Clarifies and reorganizes some existing language defining the teacher work day, student dismissal times, minimum days, and super minimum days.
    • Rejects district proposal allowing staff meetings to end at 4 pm.


    • For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, maintain the following grade-span student-teacher ratios [MOU]:
      • TK-1      20:1                                                    o   4-5                       27:1
      • 2-3      24:1                                                    o   6-8                       29:1
    • Includes “overage stipend” compensating teachers whose grade-span and individual class-sizes exceed the averages above ($100 each for 1st and 2nd students over and $200 each for 3rd and 4th students over).


    • Accepts district-proposed language updating maternity leave and family leave to reflect changes in state and federal statutes.


    • Eliminates language on state-funded PAR program.


    • Eliminates language on state-funded buy-back days.


    • Accepts district proposal to schedule SLT meetings after school, removes “staffing priorities” from the SLT purview, and rephrases “consensus” language; rejects district proposal to eliminate “student discipline policies and school safety” from SLT purview.


    • Postpones opening full contract for renegotiation until 2019-2020 school year, reopening 3 articles plus compensation in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

    If anyone has any questions, the Bargaining Team will conduct two question-and-answer sessions, one Thursday, September 22, after school in the LMS library, and one Monday, September 26, after school in the Jefferson cafeteria; all unit members are welcome to attend either meeting.

    The ratification vote on the Tentative Agreement will take place at school sites on Monday, September 26, and Tuesday, September 27, at lunch and after school. Once approved by the LTA membership, the Tentative Agreement should go to the School Board for approval on October 7, and once approved by the School Board, the new payscale could be implemented as soon as our second paycheck in October. Teachers will receive a separate retro check for the difference between the old payscale and the new payscale for the time they have already worked this school year. Benefits deductions will be adjusted going forward, and anyone who has effectively “overpayed” because the cost of their selected plan has gone down will have those overpayments credited toward future payments this year (and if the cost of your plan has dropped to zero, you will receive a refund). Unfortunately, it is too late to change plans this year, but you will be able to change plans next year if you want to take advantage of the lower rates for the employee + 1 and family plans for the duration of the MOU.

    Thank you to the LTA Bargaining Team for all your hard work on our behalf.


    download the LSD 9/20/16 AM counterproposal

    download the LTA 9/20/16 AM counterproposal

    download the LSD 9/20/16 PM counterproposal

    download the LTA 9/20/16 PM counterproposal

    download the final LSD/LTA tentative agreement

  • LTA Endorses Fajardo and Ibarra in the Upcoming Lennox School Board Election

    Last Thursday (10/8/15), the Lennox Teachers Association held our tradition public Candidate Forum, in which each of the four candidates running for the Lennox School Board of Education responded to questions either in person or through pre-recorded videos. After the forum, the LTA Rep Council discussed the merits of each candidate and input the Reps had gathered from teachers at their school sites. After much thoughtful discussion about the pros and cons of each candidate, their histories, and the direction they would likely take the district, Rep Council voted overwhelmingly to endorse the re-election of the two sitting School Board members whose terms are up – Angela Fajardo and Mercedes Ibarra. Fajardo and Ibarra each bring 8 years of experience to the position and know the district, our challenges, and where we need to go. It was that experience and continuity, that ability to hit the ground running and continue the work we’ve been doing rebuilding the district after the recession and turmoil of the last few year, that most impressed the Reps. As a union, we’ve developed a good working relationship with each of them; we look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with them, and the rest of the School Board, in the future to build the district our students and community deserve. In a field with several strong candidates, we believe that Angela Fajardo and Mercedes Ibarra are the best choices for Lennox. The Lennox Teaches Association proudly joins our sisters and brothers in the California School Employees Association in endorsing Angela Fajardo and Mercedes Ibarra for re-election to the Lennox School Board of Education.

  • Contract Ratified by Members and Approved by School Board

    Good news before everyone heads off to summer.  Teacher voting to ratify the June 4 Tentative Agreement ended yesterday.  The Elections Committee counted the votes and the Tentative Agreement was ratified by the membership by a wide margin.  I informed the School Board last night at the Board meeting and a few hours later, the School Board approved the Tentative Agreement as well, meaning … we’re done, negotiations for this year have ended, and we have permanent contract language.

    There will be some changes to when meetings will be held next year and the role of the school leadership teams, but the most immediately noticeable consequence of the new contract is that teachers will receive their first pay check of the year on August 20, 2013 (just like this year), and checks will be issued twice a month, on the 5th and 20th, through the end of school year.

    I would like to once again thank the members of our LTA Bargaining Team for their hours of hard work and dedication, and celebrate the fantastic job they’ve done representing the needs and desires of teachers as expressed though countless conversations, small group meetings, and surveys.  I would also like to acknowledge the collaborative attitude with which the district’s bargaining team approached negotiations this year; everyone came to the table with a problem-solving mindset and a we avoided the rancor and bad feelings that have marked negotiation in previous years.  We hope to continue working with the district to meet the needs of teachers, schools, and most of all, students in the coming years.

    Thanks and have a great summer,
    Brian Guerrero
    President, Lennox Teachers Association

  • Resouces for the Week of Oct 9-12

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, this is a really busy week for LTA and, in the interest of keeping people informed so they can participate fully, I’m going to post a bunch of background documents here.

    Tuesday, October 9

    • School Board meeting (5:30-10pm) – Remember, our goal this year is to get at least one person from each school to each Board meeting to report back to their staffs.  Here is a copy of the preliminary agenda.

    Thursday, October 11

    • Rep Council (3:30-6:30pm) – Here is the preliminary agenda.  In addition to the always important Rep Council business (committee reports, setting priorities for this year’s LTA budget, and deciding if we want to endorse the Centinela Valley parcel tax), there will be two very important guest presentations this week.
    1. Jeff Good and Cindy Ensworth from CTA will present (3:30-4:30) on Parent Triggers: what CTA’s perspective is, what teachers need to be aware of, and what CTA’s role is before, during and after.  Reference documents:  SBX5 4: the Romero Act; Ed Code on Parent Triggers; Ed Code clarifying Parent Triggers; and the CTA Legal Advisory on Parent Triggers.
    2. Mike McGalliard and Ray Reisler from New Visions/LENZ will present (4:30-5:00) on their MOU with the district.  Basically, Mike contacted me and asked for a forum where he could answer teachers’ question and try to deal with any concerns teachers had.  So this is your chance to ask questions, folks.  Reference documents:  the New Visions/LSD MOU; LENZ Strategic Vision; LENZ FAQ; LENZ Goals and Milestones for successful kids.

    Friday, October 12

    • Community Appreciation Dinner (6-8pm) – We’ll be hosting a Community Appreciation Dinner for the parents and community members who came out and supported us last spring.  We’ll be providing dinner and some fun stuff for kids.  It’ll be a nice opportunity for teachers to say, “Thanks” to parents.  Teacher flyer; Parent/Community flyer.

    That’s it.  Thanks, and enjoy!