Lennox Teachers Association Endorses Local School Bond – Measure Q

“To improve the quality of education and provide safe, modern schools for all students with funding that cannot be taken by the state; upgrade, modernize and construct classrooms, science labs and libraries; improve student access to technology; repair leaky roofs, outdated electrical and plumbing systems; and improve safety, security and access for students with disabilities, shall Lennox School District issue $25,000,000 of bonds at legal rates, including independent citizens’ oversight and NO money for administrative salaries?”

After much discussion, consultation with our membership, and research into the potential drawbacks and benefits for the Lennox community, the Representative Council of the Lennox Teachers Association has decided that, yes, it should, and is endorsing the Local School Bond, Measure Q in the upcoming November 8, 2016 election.

As in many other districts in California, maintenance and facilities in Lennox have had to compete with many other essential school functions like instruction and personnel over the past decade while school funding was reduced by the state.  Fortunately, with the return of adequate funding thanks to Prop 30 and the Local Control Funding Formula, the Lennox School District has been able to substantially invest in new and improved curriculum and professional development, but now it’s time to upgrade our facilities.  The district has already begun increasing the amount of technology available to students and staff, but now we need to improve the infrastructure to support all that technology.  We also need to fix leaky pipes and roofs that have waited for too long and impact the daily learning environment of students.  “Temporary” portables that have been used as classrooms for more than 20 years need to be replaced with permanent, state-of-the-art buildings.  It’s what our students and community deserve.  We can’t educate students for 21st century careers in 20th century schools.

So, please, join the teachers of Lennox, and vote “yes” on Local School Bond, Measure Q.

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