Lennox Teachers Endorse 3rd School Board Candidate – Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez!

The Lennox Teachers Association hosted a hugely successful 2018 Lennox School Board Candidate Forum the evening of Wednesday, September 26th in the Lennox Park Community Room.  Of 7 candidates running for School Board, 6 were invited to participate in the Forum (the 7th did not make available any contact information with his application to the LA County Registrar of Voters), and 4 made it a priority to participate and introduce themselves to the community – Alexis Aceves, Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez, Sergio Hernandez and Shannon Thomas-Allen.  All participating candidates did a great job answering teachers’ questions about their beliefs and priorities, and the voters of Lennox had a chance to get to the the folks who want to represent them on the Lennox School District Board of Education.

After the Forum, the LTA Rep Council met to consider giving the union’s endorsement to a 3rd candidate.  The LTA Rep Council had voted unanimously back in June to endorse the 2 incumbent candidates – Shannon Thomas-Allen and Sergio Hernandez – in recognition for their hard work in support of students and teachers during their first terms, and only wanted to endorse a 3rd candidate if one of the newcomers really distinguished themselves during the forum… and that is exactly what happened.  Ms. Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez impressed the teachers with her blend of experience (she’s worked with local government in her home town in Mexico and has served as DELAC President here in Lennox) and fresh ideas, with her sincerity and humility, and with her desire to bring all stakeholders together (particularly parents who have not been as involved in the past) to participate in school district decision making.  With her perspectives as an active parent and community member, and as an immigrant and English-learner herself, we believe she would make an excellent addition to the Lennox School District Board of Education and compliment the talents and view-points of the the other Board Members well, allowing the Board, the district, teachers, and parents to continue the work of making Lennox the best place possible for our students to learn, grow and thrive.  Congratulation, Ms. Gonzalez!


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