2020 LTA Spring Elections – Postponed + Updates

Two updates on the LTA Spring 2020 Elections-

1) Due to school closure and social distancing orders because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and under recommendation of CTA, the LTA Rep Council voted on April 16, 2020 to postpone the LTA Spring 2020 Election until September 2020.  As Covid-19 events unfold and the school situation in fall becomes more clear, the LTA Elections Committee will publish new dates and timelines for the election.  In the meantime, people holding positions that were to be voted on shall have their terms of office extended for 2-3 months – President, Vice Presidents of Contractual and Curricular Affairs, Treasure (see below), and all Site Reps.

2) The current LTA Treasurer has also announced her resignation at the first opportunity (currently September), so when the next LTA election is held, the position of Treasurer will also be up for election (for 1 year, completing the current 2-year term).

Treasurer [member of Executive Board]:

  • Receives all funds belonging to the Association and is responsible for their safekeeping and accounting;
  • Pays out such funds upon orders of the President;
  • Prepares a written financial report for each regular meeting of the Representative Council and Executive Board;
  • Is responsible for an annual audit of the books of the Association and distributing a summary of this audit to the Membership;
  • Is responsible for submitting membership and financial reports to CTA, NEA and other agencies as required by law; and
  • Files state and federal tax returns for the Association
  • Stipend = $750/yr.

Anyone interesting in running for Treasurer (or any other elected office) should look for details on the positions and timelines for declaration candidacies that will be published here in late summer.

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