LTA Bylaws Update

Last spring the LTA Rep Council approved amendments to the LTA Bylaws bringing them into compliance with CTA requirements and making a few changes in the structure of our Executive Board.  The next step in the process was to submit the new Bylaws to CTA for approval.  CTA reviewed the changes and returned the new Bylaws to LTA with a few more minor changes we needed to make – a couple of wording changes, moving some of our local rules out of the Bylaws and into the “Standing Rules” portion of the document, and updating our election rules (which aren’t technically part of the Bylaws, so we didn’t do that last year).  I formally presented the final revision to Rep Council at the last Rep Council meeting on February 13, and Reps will be voting to approve the Bylaws at the next meeting on March 13.  I am also posting the revisions here so the membership at large may see them before Reps vote.  I’ve color-coded the CTA requested additions and deletions.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact your Site Rep, or contact me directly.

Link to the new Bylaws


Brian Guerrero

President, Lennox Teachers Association

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