LTA Standing Rules Ammended

Rep Council approved a couple of changes to the LTA Standing Rules last night (the Standing Rules are part of the LTA Bylaws and Standing Rules document and govern the day-to-day operations of the Association)

1. Include policies already approved by Rep Council last year

  • Formally recognize in the Standing Rules special ed preschool teachers and TOSAs as special faculty groups who get a Rep on Rep Council
  • Add the attendance requirement to the description of Rep’s responsibilities (attend 8 out of 10 Rep Council meetings, -$10 from stipend for each missed meeting after that)

2. Additional changes

  • Add LTA’s mailing address and web page address to the Standing Rules
  • Re-arrange the order of business at Rep Council meetings to bring Site Reports, the Membership Report, and the Treasurer’s Report earlier
  • Amend the limit on the President’s credit card to avoid the $15 monthly fee

download the updated LTA Bylaws and Standing Rules

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